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About Our Company

Okanagan Waste commenced operations in 1987 offering residential curbside collection of garbage in Summerland. In early 1991 it was purchased by Ulf Hasselbach and Janet Groome.

Over the next 10 years it expanded, initially in 1991 with a Front End dumpster container service, in 1995 with cardboard recycling pick up and in 1996 a Rolloff service was added. In 1996 Okanagan Waste moved into full scale recycling when it was awarded it's first contract from the District of Summerland to operate a recycling depot. Over the next 14 years Okanagan Waste operated the recycling depot for Summerland, collecting and sorting recyclables, managing inventory and shipping the recyclables to various markets in B.C.

In 2008 Okanagan Waste was awarded the residential curbside collection contract for Summerland B.C. This contract was for the weekly collection of solid waste, bi-weekly collection of blue bags and a number of yard waste pick ups.

Additional services provided include rubbish removal services for customers who need assistance, consulting services in order to design a waste removal system to meet the needs of it's users and a bob cat service.

You will deal directly with the management of the company. As a local company we live in the service area and know it best. This will transfer into better area specific information and timely service.

Okanagan Waste attributes it's growth to the years of putting our customer's needs first. We pride ourselves in providing innovative waste solutions and more affordable, reliable and timely service to all our customers.